TANTA, March 7 – A cordial meeting was held between Highest Committee Members  of PERUBATAN Tanta Chapter (PCT) and Prof. Doctor Amal Mahfouz, who was newly appointed as the Malaysian Coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine just last August. The meeting held in the Malaysian Coordinator’s office was led by Muhammad Shahrin Aminudin bin Mahayuddin, chairman of PERUBATAN Tanta Chapter (PCT).

The meeting which last for about 40 minutes was used to introduce the newly elected Highest Committee Members  of PCT and explain the role of PERUBATAN to Malaysian student in Egypt especially in Tanta. In addition to that, an exchange of cultures and stories were also shared among the committee members and Doctor Amal.

Doctor Amal Mahfouz, a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ONG) also expressed her satisfaction and pride in the students and hope for continuous cooperation between PCT and the university. As the mother figure to the students of Health Sciences in Tanta University, she is always open for students to voice out any concerns either related to the university or placement of Malaysian students.

The PCT committee’s friendly session with Dr. Amal ended with the presentation of a token of appreciation and a photo session. Doctor Amal anticipates that such meetings can be done more frequently to ensure any problems related to the students can be solved more effectively.

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